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Dr. Scott Ihrig

Dr. Scott Ihrig
Austin Chiropractor

Dr. Scott Ihrig

Dr. Scott Ihrig graduated from Parker University with a B.S. in Health and Wellness, Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and with a passion to return to his home town tell his own story of natural healing.

When Scott was a boy, he experienced a severe form Ulcerative Colitis, which reeked havoc in his teenage life. After months of battling, procedures, and drugs, he decided to turn a different route. Scott invested much of his time into learning ways to improve the bodies natural ability to heal, and to maintain that health.

Through studying yoga, meditation, nutrition, stress reduction, chiropractic, and implementing them into his life, he has been able to keep the disease many doctors say is incurable, totally under control. Scott’s personal story of self healing has ignited a desire within him, to share these secrets with the world, and to help people achieve the same natural healing that he has.

As a high-school and college athlete he was injured many times, and because of this he sought to learn the best ways of treating common sports injuries. For this reason he enjoys working with athletes, helping them be at the top of their game, and getting them back into their sport after injury, quickly and safely.

He and his lovely wife, Morgan Ihrig, are igniting a healthcare revolution in Austin, by their phenomenal clinical results, and their desire to educate the public in the ways of natural healthcare.

Dr. Morgan Ihrig

Dr. Morgan Ihrig
Austin Chiropractor

Dr. Morgan Ihrig

Dr. Morgan Ihrig is dedicated to providing premier chiropractic and natural health care to the city of Austin. She is passionate about providing true health care and believes prevention is of utmost importance.

“It’s not what you do after you have a major health crisis, but it’s what you do before hand to prevent the major health crisis. Prevention is key in our office, and it’s our goal to help you live and long and healthy life with your loved ones.”

Dr. Morgan graduated from Parker University with a bachelors in health and wellness and a doctorate of chiropractic. During her time at Parker she began to focus on nutrition, pediatrics, and pre-natal care. It was during this time she developed a passion for working with kids, and understanding how nutrition played a large role in the health and wellness of the whole family.

Dr. Morgan grew up in Austin and practice with her husband where together they provide chiropractic care to the whole family, even pets! She grew up riding and showing horses and therefore pursued an additional certification during chiropractic school to treat and adjust animals.

When looking for a Austin chiropractor, call Dr. Scott or Dr. Morgan Ihrig for a free consultation.

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